a little update
hi guys!! so I've got a couple of holidays coming up and in turn I'm not sure of how much I'll be able to come online.

I'm currently on the first one!! but I'll be away for just a week, from the 20th of september to the 27th of september

the second is a bit longer, going from the 23rd of october to the 31st of october

I'll have my phone on me, so you can message me on here, but it'll be easier to contact me through aim bc then it actually pops up on my phone - omg.kelly

for the first holiday I leave early that saturday morning then return home the following saturday

and with the second I fly out on a thursday morning and fly home the next friday at night time

if wifi is avaliable at the places I'm staying at then I will come online, but my time online will still be limited bc I'll be out and about doing things and just enjoying my holidays really!

this was longer then I intended, oops. but thanks for taking the time to read this! and just also, I'll have my queue set up as usual anyway



just saw this on twitter via @powercutniall im ?? !


marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than u so they wont eat all of urs


how to: 「chocolate bar cake


Do you remember the first time you heard your own song on the radio? (x)

how little you know, – listen

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
Blake Lively for Marie Claire, 2014 September issue



Peyton Sawyer appreciation week: day 3 | most heartbreaking moment(s)

“ It’s 2am and I’m lying in bed with nothing but the idea of you and I. ”

— (via clumsiest)